EuroJackpot for 28th December 2012

The next EuroJackpot lottery draw takes place on Friday, 28th December 2012.

There were no winners for the EuroJackpot on 21st December and so the jackpot rolls over to the next draw for the eighth time.  This means that the EuroJackpot prize for 28/12/2012 is €21,000,000

EuroJackpot 28-12-2012

EuroJackpot Results for Friday 28th December will be available here as soon as the lottery takes place. A full jackpot prize breakdown will also be available and will give details of EuroJackpot winners in each prize tier. You can also find full details on all EuroJackpot Results at

The biggest EuroJackpot prize to date was on 10th August where one lucky player took home a Match 5+1 prize of €27,545,858 due to the Jackpot being capped – this happens after 12 consecutive rollovers. If the current EuroJackpot continues to rollover to the cap we could see a new top prize in excess of €35,000,000. This is because EuroJackpot is a relatively new lottery draw and as new players come on board then the jackpots will continue to rise towards the maximum allowed jackpot of €95,000,000.


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