Euro Jackpot Tuesday 28th February 2012

EuroJackpotThe Euro Jackpot for Tuesday 28th February 2012 was £12m after the main Jackpot was paid out in Friday’s draw. The Euro Jackpot Results for the Euromillions draw held on 28/2/2012 are shown below:

Euro Jackpot Numbers
(1) (10) (17) (33) (48)

Euro Jackpot Stars
(2) and  (3)

The Euro Jackpot Raffle Number is CFZ093351


2 thoughts on “Euro Jackpot Tuesday 28th February 2012

  1. The Euro Jackpot hasn’t been drawn or released yet… it won’t be open to play until the 17th… according to THIS SITE.

    • We understand that this has caused some confusion for English language players. This is because the term “Euro Jackpot” has been used for many years to describe the top prize in the Euro Millions lottery. The new EuroJackpot lottery is not played in English speaking countries but works in much the same way as the Euro Millions draw. Once the EuroJackpot has commenced we will be following the 2 lotteries separately so it should be simpler to distinguish between the two.

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