Euro Jackpot for 14th February 2012

EuroJackpotWith just over a month to go until sales open for EuroJackpot Lottery tickets the Euro Millions saw another rollover in Tuesday’s draw as none of the ticket holders managed to match the jackpot winning numbers. The Euromillions Results for Tuesday 14th February 2012 are:

Main Balls: 14 – 27 -36 – 42 – 46

Lucky Stars: 8 – 11

Millionaire Raffle: XDP745634

Although there were no jackpot winners in Tuesday’s Euromillions draw there were three winners who successfully matched 5 numbers and 1 Lucky Star to win €368,058 each. Friday’s Euromillions Jackpot will now be a double rollover jackpot of €34,000,000.

You can watch the Euromillions Draw online at as well as watching the results from the previous 25 draws.


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