EuroJackpot Lottery Launches 23rd March 2012

EuroJackpotThe date has been set for the EuroJackpot lottery draw and Friday 23rd March 2012 is to be the first draw for this all new European lottery draw. The EuroJackpot will be broadcast from a new TV studio in Helsinki although the exact time of the draw is yet to be decided.

Some information has been released regarding the format of the draw. In structure the EuroJackpot will be very similar to the Euromillions with the main draw requireing a player to choose 5 numbers from a pool of 50. The player then chooses two additional numbers from a pool of 8. With this game structure the approximate odds of winning the EuroJackpot top prize will approximately 1:60m – almost half the odds of the 1:116m Euromillions draw.

The price of entry to the EuroJackpot will be €2 for each line entered into the Friday draw with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €10m. The Jackpot for the Euro Jackpot Lottery will be capped at €90m although what happens at this point hasn’t yet been confirmed. It is likely that in the event of the jackpot cap being reached the total jackpot fund would be split amongst the players matching the lower prize band of 5 main numbers and 1 lucky number.

Countries participating in EuroJackpot are: Finland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark and the Netherlands

Once the first draw has taken place you wil be able to find the EuroJackpot Results here immediately after the draw takes place. We will also be reporting on EuroJackpot winners and other news stories about this fantastic new lottery.


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